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Potential Immigration Reforms Considered in the Build Back Better Bill


The Build Back Better Framework

In an effort to support the middle class, President Biden has created the Build Back Better framework. The framework seeks to invest in climate change efforts, children and caregiving struggles, affordable healthcare, and more. The framework also invests about $100 billion in immigration reform.

Within the framework, the immigration reform aims to reduce backlogs, increase legal representation, and make the border processing and asylum system more compassionate and efficient.

Immigration Provisions in the Latest Build Back Better Bill

In the most recent version of the Build Back Better bill, immigration provisions are incorporated. If the bill were to pass, immigration efforts would be affected as:

  • More business immigrant visas may be issued
  • More immigrant visas may become available
  • Many filing fees will significantly increase
  • U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) will receive an additional $2.8 billion to its budget

The current bill will allow the collection of a supplemental fee of:

  • $500 for E, H1-B, L, O, and P petitions
  • $500 for applications to change or extend nonimmigration status
  • $500 for employment authorization applications
  • $75 for approval of nonimmigration visas
  • $800 for employment-based immigrant visa petitions
  • $500 for requests to replace (lost or expired) permanent residence cards
  • $15,000 for immigrant petitions for an “alien entrepreneur”
  • $250 for student-visa holders

According to The National Law Review, the Immigration Court system is backlogged with 1.3 million asylum cases, and immigration judges have wanted more judges and support staff for a long while. The Build Back Better framework aims to hire more immigration judges, in 2022, to help reduce court backlogs.

This framework doesn’t only seek to help the court systems operate more smoothly; the goal is also to treat people navigating the immigration system fairly and ethically. The Biden administration also aims to offer more legal representation for those who need it and to establish Migrant Resource Centers.

For help with your immigration case or advice on how this bill might affect you or your loved ones, you can trust our office. We understand that you are dealing with a lot of anxiety and uncertainty, which is why we want to offer you the legal help you need.

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