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Protecting Your Assets in Divorce

At Law Office of Kelli Y. Allen, PLLC, we understand that a high-net-worth divorce involves more than just dividing assets. Our Charlotte high-net-worth divorce lawyer is equipped to handle all aspects of your divorce, including child custody, spousal support, and alimony. We approach each case with sensitivity and strive to achieve the best possible outcome for our clients. 

Our firm understands how facing a high-net-worth divorce in Charlotte without experienced legal counsel is detrimental to your financial interests. Protecting your significant assets during divorce requires seasoned advice and strategic planning. We are prepared to help our clients navigate the challenging terrain of a high-net-worth divorce, and our goal is to safeguard your interests and ensure that the financial outcome of your divorce is fair and equitable.


Understanding Why High-Net-Worth Divorces are different

High-net-worth divorces involve unique considerations and complexities. One spouse often out-earns the other, leading to tensions over asset distribution. However, disputes can also arise when both spouses are high earners.

Statistics show that high-net-worth couples typically have been married for about ten years, are in their mid-thirties, have children, and possess several assets and retirement accounts. Common issues in these divorces include child custody and support, asset division, and alimony, each more complex due to the higher asset levels.

Child support follows a preset guideline in North Carolina, based on various factors like the number of nights the child spends with each parent and their income. For combined incomes exceeding $25,000 per month, additional considerations are required to determine fair child support.

Alimony, unlike child support, has no standard guideline. Courts weigh factors such as financial needs, the standard of living during marriage, each spouse's income, marital debts, and necessary expenses post-divorce. Courts may award temporary alimony or post-separation support and long-term alimony, considering factors such as marital misconduct, earnings, age, health, marriage duration, educational backgrounds, and tax implications.

North Carolina practices equitable distribution in divorce, meaning assets are not divided equally but fairly. The court considers factors such as work history, income levels, contributions to the household, and future earning potential. Therefore, having an experienced divorce lawyer is crucial to protecting your interests.


Comprehensive High-Asset Divorce Solutions in Charlotte

High-net-worth divorces come with a multitude of intricate financial matters requiring knowledgeable guidance and execution. At Law Office of Kelli Y. Allen, PLLC, our Charlotte high-net-worth divorce attorney is adept at managing all aspects of your divorce, from complex property division, business and real estate valuation to the division of stocks and investments. We also help clients settle prenuptial and postnuptial agreements, determine appropriate spousal support or alimony, and calculate child support. 

We provide the compassionate and personalized legal counsel client needs and appreciate during what many consider an extremely emotional and stressful process. If you are looking for an attorney who will patiently guide you through important steps such as accurate asset valuation and strategic financial planning or who will advocate fiercely for your financial interests, Law Office of Kelli Y. Allen, PLLC is the firm you want on your side.  

Our legal team is committed to crafting tailored agreements reflecting your unique circumstances, ensuring no asset is overlooked. We understand how navigating any divorce can be an overwhelming experience, and when there are high-value assets involved, it can be worse. We offer the experience needed to address every challenge effectively. 

The Charlotte high-net-worth divorce lawyer at Law Office of Kelli Y. Allen, PLLC is ready to help steer your case in the right direction. Call (704) 870-0340 or contact us online to schedule a consultation.

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Determining the Division of Property and Assets

Equitable distribution in high-net-worth divorces can be a daunting process. The complexity arises not only from the sheer value of the assets but also from their diverse nature and potential entanglements. Our team can help you divide the shared property and assets from your marriage. Some challenges may arise, but our team is adept at navigating property and asset high-net-worth divorce challenges, including:  

  • Equitable distribution issues: Equitable distribution can be particularly challenging in high-net-worth divorces due to the complexity and scale of the marital estate. When vast amounts of property and assets are involved, ensuring a fair division requires careful consideration and expertise. Our experienced attorney in Charlotte focuses on resolving these intricate issues to protect your best interests during the divorce process.
  • Cataloging of assets to be divided: In high-net-worth divorces, it's important to understand the various types of assets that may need to be divided. This includes real estate, investments, retirement accounts, fine art and collectibles, businesses, stocks, bonds, and entrepreneurial ventures. Our firm is committed to pursuing a favorable asset division that aligns with your long-term financial goals.


Property Identification and Valuation

Accurate property characterization is crucial in high-net-worth divorces. Assets must be identified as marital or separate property, which can significantly impact the division process. Business interests, collectibles, and hidden assets must be properly evaluated to ensure a fair settlement. 

Our knowledgeable attorney will guide you through this intricate process by: 

  • Characterizing marital vs. separate property: Accurate property characterization is crucial in high-net-worth divorces. Assets must be identified as marital or separate property, which can significantly impact the division process. Business interests, collectibles, and hidden assets must be properly evaluated to ensure a fair settlement. Our knowledgeable attorney will guide you through this intricate process.
  • Analyzing tax implications: Tax implications play a significant role in the final outcomes of alimony and property division. It is essential to compare the tax consequences of different settlement options to ensure a favorable result. Our attorney will provide strategic advice, helping you navigate the tax implications effectively and ensuring a fair division.


The Importance of Experienced High-Net-Worth Divorce Representation

When facing a high-net-worth divorce, having experienced legal representation can make a significant difference in achieving an equitable outcome. Our firm understands the unique challenges that accompany these complex cases and provides personalized and comprehensive support every step of the way.

  • Sophisticated and ethical legal counsel: Our accomplished firm provides sophisticated and ethical representation. We have experience handling high-net-worth divorces and separations. Divorce cases involving high-net-worth estates come with unique challenges beyond those found in typical divorces, and we are prepared to tackle them all. 
  • Proper valuation with experienced professionals: Proper valuation of the marital estate is vital in high-net-worth divorces. We collaborate with CPAs, financial planners, business valuation experts, tax professionals, and forensic accountants to determine the accurate valuation of complex assets. This includes restricted stock awards, commercial property, personal investments, and unique compensation packages. Our team works diligently to negotiate favorable settlements that protect your interests.

At Law Office of Kelli Y. Allen, PLLC, our Charlotte high-net-worth divorce lawyer provides the sophisticated, ethical, and comprehensive support you need tailored to your unique situation. With our experienced professionals on your side, you can navigate the complexities of your divorce with confidence.


Protect Your Interests with Experienced Legal Counsel

Whether you are considering filing for a divorce or are already involved in one, it is crucial to understand your rights and the rules that govern divorces. This knowledge ensures that you are treated fairly throughout the process. Divorces can often be contentious, and it is not uncommon for spouses to act unfairly when negotiating an amicable resolution. Having an experienced divorce attorney on your side can act as a clear-headed representative, making the process more efficient for everyone involved. Protect your valuable interests by seeking the help of skilled legal counsel, who will advocate for your rights and work towards a fair settlement.

Call our Charlotte high-net-worth divorce lawyer today at (704) 870-0340 or contact us online to schedule a consultation.