Google Donates $250,000 to Help Protect Dreamers from Deportation

Trump adopted a stance on immigration that he claimed was “America first.” However, his policies had negative consequences not just for immigrants and their families but also for U.S. employers. In response, many companies are now doing what they can to support Biden’s pro-immigrant agenda.

Google, for example, has just announced that it will be donating a quarter of a million dollars to an organization called United We Dream (UWD). UWD supports and protects undocumented immigrants in the United States by helping them avoid deportation and find employment.

Google was also one of many companies that publicly criticized the Trump administration for heavily restricting employment-based visas (especially the H-1B category). Google’s CEO, in fact, originally came to the U.S. on an H-1B visa. In short, many of these companies owe their very existence to U.S. immigration programs, and they continue to rely on immigration to procure the world’s top talent and maintain a competitive edge in today’s globalized market.

Is Immigration Reform on the Horizon?

Biden has said he intends to get started on fulfilling his immigration promises right away. That said, he has also warned the public that it will take time to undo many of Trump’s executive orders and policies.

Per the President-elect’s promises, we may see an effort to:

  • Establish a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants (including DACA recipients)
  • End Trump’s asylum policies
  • End prolonged detention by replacing it with a new case management system
  • Reverse the public charge rule
  • Stop the funding and construction of the border wall
  • End the travel bans that targeted predominately Muslim countries
  • Hold ICE accountable for inhumane treatment of immigrants

These promises are ambitious, which is partially why Google’s donation is such good news. In addition to the $250,000, Google has expressed the intention to support efforts by the Biden administration to pass fair and humane immigration reform.

Although Google and similar companies are primarily motivated by profit, their donations and statements amplify widespread support from businesses, organizations, and communities across the United States for comprehensive immigration reform. America benefits in numerous ways from immigration, and the country owes immigrants for generations upon generations of strength, resilience, and contributions to the nation since even before its inception.

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