DACA Renewal

Kelli Allen

USCIS has announced guidelines for DACA renewal. The process requires a new application and application fee as well as some supporting documentation.

  1. You must submit information relating to any arrests/criminal charges incurred since you last applied for DACA.
  2. USCIS is not currently requiring proof that the applicant is still in school or has completed a degree, but it may send a request for additional evidence. So that the process is not slowed down, our office recommends submitting that information with the renewal application if you had not yet received a high school diploma or GED when you last applied.
  3. Submit your application 4 to 5 months before your current DACA expires. If you current EAD expires prior to receipt of a new card, you will have a gap in employment eligibility and will be unable to renew a driver's license until a new, current EAD is received.
  4. You do not have to be under 31 to apply for DACA renewal. If you have already received DACA, you are still eligible, so long as you continue to meet all other requirements.

It is crucial to apply early to give USCIS enough processing time to approve your DACA renewal before you current DACA expires. For assistance, please call Kelli Y Allen Immigration Law at 704-727-4900.

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