Hire a Lawyer to Draft a Living Will

Elder Law Attorney in Charlotte, NC

A living will is drafted with the intention of ensuring that a person’s wishes about their future are properly documented and addressed in regards to their end-of-life care. Also known as an advance directive, this document can be combined with a health care proxy so that all instructions for medical care are documented in case you are unable to address this type of concern yourself.

If you or your elderly loved one are interested in hiring a Charlotte elder law attorney to assist you with drafting a living will, do not hesitate to reach out to our firm. At Kelli Y. Allen Elder Law, we understand the value and importance of having a living will drafted so you can rest easier knowing your future is in good hands. We are committed to providing you with personalized and caring representation, working hard to meet all of your unique needs.

What Can a Living Will Do?

When you are unable to make decisions for yourself about your medical care, a living will ensures that your wishes are clearly stated. Our team is dedicated to taking the time to understand your desires and needs, putting them into a clear, concise document. At our firm, we are fully aware of how sensitive and overwhelming these situations are and you can rely on us to handle these matters with discretion and compassion.

A living will covers a number of different possible conditions, such as:

  • End-stage conditions
  • Terminal conditions
  • Vegetative state

Compassionate Legal Services from Kelli Y. Allen Elder Law

Our firm is known for our ability to provide a comfortable environment and top-notch legal guidance and care. As a small firm, we provide all of our clients with responsive attention and are committed to using our knowledge and experience to your advantage. Even though we offer an intimate approach to your legal needs, this does not mean that we are not highly experienced. We have drafted numerous living wills and know how to prepare the proper documents to help protect your future.

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