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Individuals who intend to visit the United States for reasons other than relocation here generally need to obtain a temporary non-immigrant visa. If you or someone you know needs to apply for a non-immigrant visa, the Charlotte non-immigrant visa attorney at the Law Office of Kelli Y. Allen, PLLC can provide the comprehensive legal assistance you need for this purpose. Attorney Kelli Allen focuses her practice on immigration law. Her small, intimate firm offers personalized and friendly service to clients throughout Charlotte and the surrounding areas.

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When Is a Non-Immigrant Visa Required?

Non-immigrant visas may be needed if you are coming to the United States for pleasure, temporary employment, business, study, medical care, or for any other reason other than permanent relocation to the United States. This type of visa allows you to travel to the U.S. for a specific reason and for a specific time period.

Types of Non-Immigrant Visas

There are several different types of non-immigrant visas depending on the reason for your travel to the United States.

The types of visitor visas include:

  • B-1: Although for business visitors, the B-1 visa does not authorize the holder to work in the United States. This visa is typically used for people wishing to visit the U.S. temporarily to attend a business conference, visit a U.S. location of international business, or search for a location to establish a business.
  • B-2: This visa is for tourists seeking to visit the United States for a short time. It may also apply to persons wishing to visit the U.S. to obtain medical treatment. The B-2 visa does not allow the holder to work in the United States.

U.S. student visas include:

  • J-1: The J-1 visa is primarily used for students wishing to attend a college or university in the United States, and whose studies will be financed by either the U.S. or the other country's government. This visa is valid for the duration of studies, at which time the alien must return to his home country for at least two years before receiving any other visa. This requirement may be waived by the alien's home government. J-1 visa holders may work up to 20 hours per week, but the work must generally either relate to the academic studies or occur on campus. There are numerous other possible recipients of a J-1 visa, including teachers, researchers, and au pairs.
  • F-1: The F-1 visa is issued to students wishing to attend school full-time in the United States at a qualifying academic institution to obtain a specific degree or certification. The student must first be accepted by the academic institution and prove that he has the financial ability to pay for education without government assistance.
  • M-1: The M-1 visa is much like the F-1 visa except that the M-1 applies to students in vocational training programs.

Where Can You Get a Non-Immigrant Visa?

A non-immigrant visa is generally issued at a U.S. embassy or consulate in the home country of the person applying. In order to obtain one, you generally must show that you will leave the U.S. when the visa expires and that you will be able to support yourself while in this country. This type of visa cannot be applied for once you are actually in the U.S. A person with a valid non-immigrant visa, however, can apply for a change of status with the U.S. Citizen and Immigration Service (USCIS) once in this country.

When you enter the U.S. with a non-immigrant visa, you will be issued an I-94 card which states the date by which you must leave the United States. To stay beyond that date, you must get permission from USCIS prior to the deadline date of your departure.

For help with any situation involving a non-immigrant visa, it is important that you consult with the Charlotte non-immigrant visa lawyer at our firm about the specifics of your case. Reach out to Law Office of Kelli Y. Allen, PLLC today for a consultation.

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