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We often find that many people who are exploring the option of bankruptcy are embarrassed and hesitant to seek assistance. In actuality, most people who find themselves in the position of considering bankruptcy have fallen into difficult circumstances through little to no fault of their own. Factors that often contribute to financial difficulties include: unemployment, separation or divorce, a failing business, or unexpected medical expenses. Often, individuals are forced to use credit cards with extremely high interest rates to pay for day-to-day living expenses just to make ends meet. Without assistance, it can become difficult or impossible to ever catch up and make significant progress towards paying off these debts.

The Law Office of Kelli Y. Allen provides individuals with compassionate, comprehensive, non-judgmental assistance in determining the best path forward toward achieving debt relief and building a new financial future.

Purpose of Bankruptcy Statutes

The Bankruptcy statutes are designed to allow individuals to either discharge debts and get a “fresh start,” or restructure debts in an effort to repay some or all debts while eliminating high interest rates and late fees. There are several chapters of bankruptcy, each with different qualification requirements, advantages, and disadvantages.

The Law Office of Kelli Y. Allen assists consumers with the two most common filings: Chapter 7 and Chapter 13.

Working with the Law Office of Kelli Y. Allen

The first step in working with KYA Law on a potential bankruptcy case is to call the office for a complimentary screening with one of our bankruptcy assistants. There is no charge for this screening which is designed to obtain certain information that will assist us in determining if you qualify to file bankruptcy, discuss your specific situation and goals, and assess whether KYA Law will be able to help you reach your desired objective. This screening will take approximately 20 to 30 minutes and will require you to provide the following information:

  • Income for the past 6 months (including any anticipated changes in income over the next few months
  • States of residence over the past 2 ½ years
  • Dates of any previous bankruptcy discharges
  • Current equity in home, including status of payments, upcoming foreclosure actions, etc.
  • Future ability to continue paying mortgage payments
  • Current value and loan amounts for all vehicles
  • Approximate total of outstanding unsecured debts and total number of creditors
  • Approximate total of outstanding secured debts and total number of creditors
  • Your current goals (property you wish to keep, debts you would like to continue paying, greatest concerns, etc.)

If you have all of this information available when you call, we will often be able to provide this screening immediately. Otherwise, we will schedule this call for a later time when you will have access to all necessary information.

During the screening, the bankruptcy assistant will be able to provide general information and answer basic questions, but will not provide specific legal advice. After your screening, if it appears that KYA Law will be able to assist and you would like to further explore working with us, you will be scheduled for an in-person consultation with the attorney and will be sent a very detailed questionnaire to complete and return prior to your consultation. By having complete information and reviewing your full financial situation prior to the consultation, the attorney will be able to fully advise you of the risks, benefits, pros and cons of filing a bankruptcy petition under Chapter 7 or Chapter 13, and answer specific questions about your case, including which debts you could expect to have discharged and what property you would be able to retain. She will also quote a flat fee for our representation.

Most bankruptcy cases are handled on a flat fee basis, and you will be allowed to make monthly payments toward all attorney fees.

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