Dual-Intent Visas

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What Is the Purpose of a Dual-Intent Visa?

Dual-intent visas are those visas which allow individuals to enter the United States and apply for residency while they are here. Most non-immigrant visas require the alien to prove that he/she has the intent to leave the U.S. once their visa expires. The following types of visas allow dual intent: H-1B, L, and effectively, E , O, and P.

If you do not have a dual-intent visa, you cannot apply to change your status from a nonimmigrant to that of a permanent resident. Only in specific and certain visas is the concept of dual intent recognized by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service.

If someone entering the U.S. on a non-immigrant visa is suspected of arriving with immigrant intent, their non-immigrant visa can be cancelled, their visa application refused, they may be refused admission to the U.S. at the port of entry, or they may be deported. Misrepresentation on the part of the foreign visitor in these cases may be perceived as visa fraud.

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