Long-Term Care Planning in Charlotte

Plan Ahead with a Charlotte Elder Law Lawyer

At least 70% of Americans over the age of 65 are expected to need some type of long-term care. Although most people assume that Medicare will pay for ongoing long-term care, that is not the case. Further, most private health insurance plans will not cover long-term nursing home care.

For 2015, the private annual cost of long-term care in North Carolina is between $80,000 and $90,000. So everyone other than the very wealthy who end up needing long-term care will most likely need to apply for Medicaid at some point. Those who fail to plan will be forced to expend most of their assets paying for long-term care before becoming eligible for Medicaid assistance.

Long-term care planning with the assistance of a Charlotte elder law attorney can allow you to protect some of those assets, so that you can pass on some of your hard-earned savings to your loved ones.

Proactive Planning

Proactive planning involves an evaluation of assets and implementation of effective strategies before the need for long-term care arises. Due to the nature of Medicaid laws, effective strategies implemented at least five years before application will allow an individual to protect most or all of his or her assets. The sooner the planning begins, the more strategies that are potentially available.

Further, most people are concerned about becoming a burden on their family if they are no longer able to care for themselves. Proactive planning allows you to ensure that your care will be paid for and also allows you to direct how future decisions will be made, thereby relieving family members from making those arrangements during a time of crisis.

Crisis Planning

Crisis planning is necessary when the need for long-term care is imminent. This is often the case when a loved one is unexpectedly hospitalized and then needs to be released to a long-term care facility. In other cases, family members may have been caring for an individual whose condition has recently deteriorated to the point of needing facility care.

In these instances, it is extremely important to contact a Charlotte elder law attorney prior to applying for Medicaid. Although there are fewer options with crisis planning versus proactive planning, KYA Elder Law clients can usually protect about half of their assets and still qualify for Medicaid quickly. Additionally, as long as the individual needing long-term care is still competent to make his or her own decisions, legal documents can be prepared to determine decisions and decision-makers in the event the individual later becomes incapacitated.

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